Preparing for a rainy wedding day

Of all the things you can organise and plan for when preparing for your wedding - the weather is not one unfortunately. You could be blessed with a mild day, a 40 degree day or as is the case this weekend, a wet and wild day. 

While you can always hope for the best, it is important to plan for the worst if the weather forecast is looking less than favourable. We are always watching the weather like a hawk in the lead up to an event and tend to put a Plan B into effect if there is more than a 70% chance or a forecast of more than 5mm of rain and here are some tips in how to prepare for a rainy wedding day.


Ensure you have a back up venue for your wedding including your ceremony and your reception. Most venues have a contingency plan in case of inclement weather however if yours doesn't, get hold of a marquee as soon as you can. It is better to be safe than sorry.


Have fun with the day and bring in umbrellas (clear, white or black are best), fun gumboots and warm jackets if it will also be cold. 


This is the time to reconsider your hair and makeup. If your hair doesn't play well with humidity, then perhaps you'll have to forgo that loose mermaid wave and go with a relaxed updo instead. Plus, waterproof mascara!


Above all else, your guests comfort is paramount. Consider if you need heaters if the temperature is going to drop, throw blankets, marquee/tent walls or umbrellas. Again it is better to be prepared and not need any of these items than your guests being uncomfortable and cold.

Images (top to bottom) Unknown, Teniel Kable, Jose Villa, Angela Higgins