Styling Guide to Tiffany Chairs


Choosing the right chair for your event can be a make or break your event design.  

When you have a chair profile taking up the majority of space in your venue, you want it to be not only beautiful but comfortable and for it to bring a je ne sais quoi to your event. Today we're here to share with you our style guide to the famous Tiffany Chair to help you with your event.

Tiffany chairs (also called Chiavari chairs) are the bread and butter of an elegant event.

They bring a stylish tone to the table and are the chairs you'll see at high end events internationally such as the MET Gala, the Golden Globes and it is the choice of chair in the White House! While these chairs are at home at black tie affairs they are versatile enough to be equally beautiful in an outdoor reception or winery wedding ceremony with grass underfoot. Not many chairs are that versatile!

At Pompette, we have three different colours of Tiffany Chairs available - whiteblack and walnut. Our white and black chairs are made from resin (a hardwearing polycarbonate material) while our walnut chairs are solid wood. Each chair comes with individual chair cushions and are a welcome respite for guests resting their dancing feet. We have further accessories of beautiful chair frills and various ribbons colours to make these ladies even more beautiful.

With large quantities of all 3 chairs available and starting at $9, these chairs are extremely affordable and will never go out of style.



Offering the most variety, go classic and pair with crisp white or linen tablecloths and a gold, blush or monochrome palette or go modern with pattern and colour. Allow excess of flowers and foliage to take centre stage. 

Image by  Jemma Keech

Image by Jemma Keech

Image by  Jemma Keech

Image by Jemma Keech


Pair with crisp white, black, grey or charcoal linen. Use a monochrome palette and lots of glassware and crystal.

Image via  Rhiannon Bosse

Image via Rhiannon Bosse


Pair with white or linen tablecloths or rustic, exposed wood tables. Add colour with green foliage and pastel flowers. Embrace an organic palette of earthy browns and lush green foliage and add a little sparkle with glass charger plates.

Image by  Jose Villa

Image by Jose Villa

Below image by  Jose Villa

Below image by Jose Villa