Charger Plate 101


There is no easier way to bring a touch of elegance to a formal or casual table setting than using a beautiful charger plate. Just like how your choice of glassware, candle holders, vases and flowers can elevate your table decor, we feel that the charger plate is an anchor to the decor and sometimes a formal setting can feel incomplete without it. So while we probably all agree that they look beautiful, today we thought we’d address a few common questions about charger plates, in particular what is a charger plate for and how do you use it? Well the answer is two fold; it is décor and it is practical.

Charger plates have been used since the 19th century and they are larger than regular dinner plates and are never used to serve or eat food from. This is why you can have charger plates in different materials than a dinner plate such as glass, wood, metal and even pearl. They can add colour and texture to your table and make it more visually appealing.

In a practical sense when it comes having to serve a meal exactly where the charger plate sits, there are two options. The first is where each meal is brought to the table sequentially for the entree and main and placed on top of the charger plate until it is finally removed before dessert is served. This is where the charger acts as a place mat as they are placed directly on top of the table or the table cloth. The second option however is that some caterers will remove the charger plate as soon as guests are seated.

We hope you enjoyed this little touch of etiquette and if you want more inspiration on table settings, feel free to check out our Pinterest page! If there are any other things you'd like to know, we'd love to hear from you and perhaps event do a future blog post on them too!

L-R : Lucy Cuneo Photography, Jemma Keech Photography