Beachside Luxe Modular Lounge Hire - Provence Collection 2015

Today we are thrilled to share with you our third and final Beachside Luxe collection for spring. We've shared with you our Simply Luxe collection, East Egg collection and now here is, Provence. We love this look as it showcases how our lounges can be used as separate settings and while they always look incredible at Matilda Bay on the courtyard, the particular way the Provence collection is laid out could also be used to create 3 different seating zones further from each other on a larger venue such as a winery or farm.

Suited perfectly to this Mediterranean look are our silver Costa lanterns and floor lanterns and pots of lavender and herbs such as rosemary and thyme and of course, our market umbrellas to keep the sun at bay.

Please enquire with for pricing and availability.

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